Wooden USBs for Wedding Photography


Last wedding season I was having a tough time finding reliable wooden USBs to use for my wedding clients. The hardware posts were bending when I put it in or out of the USB drive or they were corrupt. It was very frustrating so I was eager to find a new company this year to use. So glad of my partnership with USB Memory Direct.

Their wooden USBs are available in a array of different shades: Pine, Maple, Mahogany, Walnut, Bamboo, Maple Bamboo and Fiber Wood. I chose the Tower wooden USBS, a classic rectangular design and smooth wood finish add a little style and sophistication. The caps have a magnet to make getting the on and off a cinch.

I also went a step further this year and customized my USBs from USB Memory Direct by having them print my logo on each one. It just a more personal touch when you deliver your clients images on the USB.


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