Bend Oregon Wedding Photographer 2

I worked Jeff’s table (my husband) from Lights in the Attic Wedding Films, at the Bridgeport Bridal Event . We were in the brand new Saks 5th Avenue store. The event was put on by Portland Bride and Groom magazine.

It was fun to look around. Here is the picture of our table. I have been crazy about yellow lately so had yellow flowers and used the yellow vase I bought last year when we had a table at the Bridgeport Bridal Event in Crate and Barrel. I think that is what started it all.

Right across from me was Zest floral and event designs. I just loved her bouquets so took some pictures.

This was a Chanel inspired bouquet.

I think this one was my favorite. It had blue and white beads and the handle of the bouquet was tied with a scarf. Very cute.

This one had blackberries in it.

This one seemed to get the most attention from brides.

The last wedding I shot had their invitations, menus, wedding programs, guest book sign-in, reserved cards, favor inserts and the thank you notes  all designed by Megan from Red Pearl Designs in Salem, OR. She is very talented! I know Priscilla loves the vintage, old world look and Megan got it just right. Here are a few photos of her work

Polaroid Transfer’s give a painterly feel to your photograph. The image can be transferred on a variety of paper but watercolor paper looks the best. They are often described as moody and impressionistic. Polaroid Transfer’s give a unique look and are a wonderful addition to your wedding photographs. They make great gifts as well.

sharetweetpinemail engagement_book1-2806286

A lot of brides ask if they really need an engagement session? They don’t plan to submit their picture to the newspaper for an announcement.

Engagement sessions are very important. Which is why so many photographers include them in their packages. It’s one thing getting your picture taken with your fiance at the dinner table or at holidays. It is another getting your picture taken in front friends and family while you are hugging and kissing. Especially for your fiance. It can be kind of uncomfortable. Spending a couple of hours with me photographing you and your fiance gets you used to those intimate embraces. It also helps us know each other better. I find come the wedding day, your fiance is way more relaxed and willing to pose for photos with you. He may even surprise you by remembering some tips that make a better wedding photo. You can also take those pictures from your engagement session and get an engagement/guest book. Instead of your guests signing a book that you probably won’t ever look at again after the wedding. You will have your favorite engagement pictures along side all the messages you get from your guests. An engagement book is something you would want to look at long after the wedding is over. Here is an engagement book I designed for Priscilla and Dom. Priscilla wanted it to match her wedding invitations done by talented Megan from Red Pearl Designs (check out her blog, Megan does gorgeous work!). I was very pleased with how similar the engagement book looked.

Here are a few tips to make sure you get that engagement book signed.

1. Make sure people in your wedding party have time to sign it such as at the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or while everyone is hanging out and getting ready.

2. Make a sign asking the guests to sign your Engagement Book. Some people aren’t sure if they are allowed to sign in a book with photographs.

3.And finally, ask your DJ to make an announcement for guests to sign the book, such as when dinner is almost over.

Luckily for me, I got invited along to photograph a Trash the Wedding Dress session with Emily Hall from Emily Hall Photography. The trashing of the wedding dress took place out in Jefferson, Oregon on a farm, with cows. These cows were not shy as you can see from the pictures. The ending of the pictures comes with the trashing of the dress, in a watering trough. There were so many good pictures it was really hard to choose and Mindy knows how to take a good picture. sharetweetpinemail